Nurture Botanicals

*Mixed Tinctures: £7 (50ml), £12 (100ml)
E.g. Immune Boost, Calm & Slumber, StressEase, prescription tinctures.

Herbal Tea Blends: £3 (30g)
Nurture Mama Tea, Nurtured Womb Tea, Calm & Slumber Tea, Happy Tea, Hay Fever Tea.

*Skin Care Products: Prices Vary
CalenduSalve, Nurtured Womb Massage Oil, natural lip balms, bespoke creams and ointments.

Room Mists & Vegan Candles: £9.00
Natural room sprays and candles made with pure essential oils.

*Available after a short consultation

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Bespoke Creams

At The Herbalists, Ulverston

Call into The Herbalists, Ulverston and chat to Thea to access this unique and bespoke service. After a short skin care consultation to discuss your needs and preferences, Thea will make a natural cream or ointment especially tailored for you. 

Creams are made using natural waxes and oils, gels, botanical infusions and essential oils, and dispensed into beautiful amber glass apothecary jars.


*60g cream, £8

*30g cream, £5