Nurture Botanicals

*Mixed Tinctures: £7 (50ml), £13 (100ml)
E.g. Immune Boost, Calm & Slumber, StressEase, prescription tinctures.

*Single Tinctures: £6 (50ml), £11 (100ml)
A large range of tinctures available, including: Chamomile, Lavender, Wild Cherry, Nettles, Echinacea, Calendula, Myrrh, Skullcap, Plantain, Elderflower, Elderberry, Californian Poppy.

Herbal Tea Blends: £3 (30g)
Nurture Mama Tea, Nurtured Womb Tea, Calm & Slumber Tea, Happy Tea

*Skin Care Products: Prices Vary
CalenduSalve, Nurtured Womb Massage Oil, natural lip balms, bespoke creams and ointments.

Room Mists & Vegan Candles: £8.00
Natural room sprays and candles made with pure essential oils.

*Available after a short consultation

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Bespoke Creams

At The Little Green Clinic Apothecary

Call into the Herbal Apothecary at The Little Green Clinic, Ulverston to access this unique and bespoke service. After a short skin care consultation to discuss your needs and preferences, Thea will make your bespoke cream while you wait. 

Creams are made using natural waxes and oils, gels, botanical infusions and essential oils, and dispensed into beautiful amber glass apothecary jars.


*60g cream, £8

*30g cream, £5